Are Maine Coon Cats Good Hunters? (Owner Experience)

Maine Coon cats are large, fluffy and lovable. But they’re also known as hunters, which can make them seem like a bit of an odd choice for a pet. 

After all, if you have a cat that in some ways seems more like a dog than anything else, does that mean it’s going to be hunting? 

Well, yes and no. Maine Coon cats are definitely good hunters – but before we get into that just what does it mean to be “good at hunting”?

Maine Coons – The Largest Domestic Cat Breed [2023]
Maine Coon cats are known for their excellent hunting skills.
Their large size, agility, and sharp senses contribute to their effectiveness as hunters.
Maine Coons have a strong prey drive and enjoy engaging in hunting activities.
They can catch and control mice effectively.
Maine Coons’ hunting instincts provide mental stimulation and satisfy their natural behaviors.
They can adapt to being indoor hunters with proper exercise and mental stimulation.
Maine Coons’ hunting abilities make them fascinating and versatile companions.

Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Hunting Cats?

The answer to this question is yes and no. The Maine Coon cat is great at hunting birds, but not as good as some other breeds of cats. 

The main reason for this is that they are so big that it can be difficult for them to catch smaller animals like mice or rabbits. 

This doesn’t mean that they won’t hunt these animals; but it does mean that they aren’t always successful when trying to catch them.

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Are Maine Coon Cats Good Hunters?

The Maine Coon is a popular breed of domesticated cat that is often used as a family pet. They are known for their large size, intelligence and affectionate nature. 

Many people are interested in owning one of these beautiful animals but have concerns about whether or not they will be able to provide adequate exercise for the cat. 

One question that many potential cat owners have is “Do Maine Coons hunt?” As it turns out, yes they do! 

But before we get into what type of hunting you can expect from your new best friend let’s take a closer look at what makes this breed so unique:

Are Maine Coon Cats Good At Hunting Birds?

Maine Coon cats are great hunters. They love to be outdoors and they have long, fluffy coats that help them blend into their surroundings.

The Maine Coon’s hunting style is different from other breeds’ because they stalk their prey. They like to hide behind bushes or trees before making a move on their prey, which gives them the element of surprise when attacking!

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How Do I Know If My Cat Is A Good Hunter?

You may have a Maine Coon Cat that is a natural hunter, but there are also ways you can help train your cat to hunt.

Feed them healthy food: Cats need protein in their diet if they are going to be hunters. Fishmeal or pollack are good sources of protein and help keep their teeth strong.

Give them toys: A bored cat will get bored quickly when there is nothing fun for them to do. Try giving them toys that encourage hunting behavior as well as mental stimulation. Try getting a laser pointer or feathers on strings which they can chase around while playing with you!

Encourage outdoor playtime: Cats love getting outside and being active, so try taking them out in the yard where they’ll have more room for movement than indoors can provide!

Do Maine Coon Cats Eat Small Animals?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by “good.” If you are asking if Maine Coon cats are good hunters, then the answer is no. 

Maine Coon cats do not make good hunting cats. They are not particularly good at catching birds, mice or rabbits either (unless they have been trained for that specific purpose).

However, if you are asking if your cat will eat small animals like mice and birds, then the answer is yes! Cats are obligate carnivores which means that their diet consists of meat only no plants or vegetables at all. 

Their digestive systems cannot handle vegetables at all so they can only thrive on a high-protein diet consisting mainly of meat proteins like chicken breast or fish fillets.

How To Train Your Cat To Hunt For You, And Help Them Get The Most Out Of It

Your cat is a wild animal, so they need to feel safe and loved when they’re around your family. This will make them less likely to run away or disappear into the forest when they’re hunting for food.

Once you’ve put them in their litter box, give them plenty of time outside the house where they can play with other cats or whatever else it is that cats like to do. 

Maintain contact with your pet at all times by having someone stay home while everyone else goes out shopping for groceries or whatever else needs doing around town.

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Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Indoor Hunting Cats?

The answer is yes, they do! Maine Coon cats are very intelligent and can easily adapt to their surroundings. 

They will hunt for mice and other small animals in the house if there is no outside yard available for them to hunt in. 

This makes them a perfect companion for any home owner who wants to get rid of pesky mice or other pests that might be living inside their home but don’t have enough space outside where they could run around freely without getting hurt by cars or other obstacles such as fences.

How To Train Your Cat To Hunt Birds (Or Any Other Animal)

You can train your cat to hunt any bird or rodent you want. The first step is to get them interested in the idea of hunting. 

You’ll need a catnip mouse or some other small toy that can be moved around on the ground and will easily grab their attention. 

Then, point a laser pointer at the toy and let your Maine Coon chase it until they’ve caught it. If they aren’t interested in eating it right away, try again later with a larger animal like a bird or squirrel.

You could also try using real animals for training purposes if you have access to them: start by getting your Maine Coon used to chasing small creatures around before moving up to larger ones like rabbits and fish (though note that once cats are trained, they’re usually not allowed out without supervision). 

Just be careful if there are any cats who may be territorial – having too many pets crowding together could cause unnecessary stress!

Training Cats to Hunt
Objective: Teach your cat to hunt birds and other animals.
Methods: Use positive reinforcement techniques and interactive play to simulate hunting behaviors.
Brands and Tools: Consider using interactive toys like the Feather Whirl or Catch the Bird to engage your cat in hunting play.
Steps: Start by mimicking prey movements, rewarding your cat’s interest and participation. Gradually introduce target objects like feathered toys or remote-controlled bird-like devices.
Patience and Consistency: Training cats to hunt requires time, patience, and consistent reinforcement.
Safety: Ensure the safety of your cat and wildlife by supervising outdoor hunting activities and using safe toys without real animals as prey.

Do Maine Coon Cats Make Good Outdoors Hunting Cats?

If you have a cat that seems to be destined to be an indoor hunter, there are still activities you can engage in with your cat to help them get the most out of their outdoor time. 

You can teach them how to catch birds and rodents, or fish, depending on where you live! If you’ve got yourself a Maine Coon or any other type of athletic feline friend, this could be a fun way for him or her to get some exercise outside without being too exposed.

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Do Maine Coon Cats Catch Mice?

Maine Coon cats are good at catching mice. They have a high prey drive, and they are usually very successful when it comes to hunting down and capturing small animals.

A Maine Coon cat that lives inside the house may not spend most of its time hunting mice, but it will still likely be able to catch one if there is one around. 

If you want your Maine Coon cat to help with pest control in the home, one way you can do this is by giving them regular playtime with toys that simulate mouse movement. 

This will make your cat more interested in chasing after real rodents that may come into the house from time-to-time (or even during certain seasons), so they’ll be prepared!

If your Maine Coon lives outside or if you have an outdoor enclosure for it, then chances are good that it does indeed catch mice as part of its regular routine  especially during winter months when warmer temperatures attract rodents out from their nests or dens into open spaces where cats can find them more easily!

Maine Coon Cats and Mice
Question: Do Maine Coon cats have a tendency to catch mice?
Answer: Yes, Maine Coon cats are skilled hunters when it comes to catching mice.
Mouse Catching Abilities: Maine Coons possess excellent hunting instincts and agility, allowing them to effectively catch and control mice.
Natural Predators: Their sharp senses and predatory nature make them adept at tracking and capturing mice.
Pest Control: Maine Coon cats can be valuable in controlling mice populations in homes or barns.
Effective Hunters: Many Maine Coon owners report their cats’ success in catching mice as a natural behavior.

Do Maine Coon Cats Chase Birds?

If you have a Maine Coon cat, chances are good that he or she will be a good hunter. Maine Coon cats are highly intelligent and athletic, which makes them excellent hunters. 

They also have thick coats that protect them from the elements and allow them to go outside in all weather conditions.

If your cat has not been trained to hunt birds yet, it would be wise to consider this option as soon as possible. 

Many people who own Maine Coon cats train their pets how to catch birds because they want to feed their pet healthy snacks while getting rid of pests around their house at the same time!

Do Maine Coon Cats Hunt Rabbits?

Maine Coon cats are very good at hunting rabbits. They’re not so good at catching fish, but they’ll do it if you want them to. 

If you’re looking for a cat who’s great at catching birds or squirrels, Maine Coons aren’t the best choice but if that’s what you need from your pet then don’t fear! There are plenty of other breeds out there who will be able to help you out in this department.

Maine Coon Cats and Hunting Rabbits
Question: Do Maine Coon cats have the capability to hunt rabbits?
Answer: Yes, Maine Coon cats have the natural ability to hunt and capture rabbits.
Rabbit Hunting Skills: Maine Coons possess the required agility, strength, and hunting instincts to pursue and catch rabbits.
Considerations: Successful hunting depends on various factors such as the cat’s individual hunting skills, the size of the rabbit, and the specific circumstances.
Supervision and Safety: When allowing a Maine Coon cat to hunt rabbits, it is important to supervise the activity and ensure the safety of both the cat and the rabbit.

Do Maine Coon Cats Hunt Fish?

The answer is yes. Maine Coon cats can be trained to hunt fish, depending on where you live. Do you have a pond or lake nearby? Then it may be possible to train your cat to hunt fish in those bodies of water. 

If not, then it won’t work because they’ll just end up getting wet and possibly hurting themselves on sharp rocks. You’ll need an outdoor space that’s safe for your cat so that he or she doesn’t get hurt while hunting!

While Maine Coon cats have a natural inclination for hunting, they can also thrive as indoor companions. Discover more about their suitability as indoor cats in our article on Maine Coon cats as good indoor cats, where we explore their behavior, exercise needs, and tips for providing a stimulating indoor environment.

Do Maine Coon Cats Hunt Squirrels?

Maine Coons love the outdoors, so it can be rewarding for you to encourage them to hunt for small game such as squirrels and rabbits.

 However, these animals don’t always make good prey for your kitty because they’re too big and strong for most cats (they can easily overpower your cat).

 If you’re thinking about training your Maine Coon Cat to hunt squirrels or other small animals, it may be best if you continue searching elsewhere since they’re typically not prey-worthy!


Cats are great hunters, and the Maine Coon is no exception. They have all the qualities you need to make a good hunter: intelligence, curiosity, stealthiness, agility and sharp claws.

 All you have to do is train them properly (which can be done at any age) and let them get into it on their own time.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Maine Coon cats as good hunters:

What makes Maine Coon cats good hunters?

Maine Coon cats possess several traits that contribute to their effectiveness as hunters. They have a strong prey drive, agility, excellent eyesight, and sharp hunting instincts.

Can Maine Coon cats catch mice?

Yes, Maine Coon cats are known for their exceptional mouse-catching skills. Their hunting instincts and physical attributes make them adept at catching and controlling mice.

Do Maine Coon cats enjoy hunting?

Maine Coon cats have an inherent love for hunting. It is a natural behavior for them, and engaging in hunting activities provides mental stimulation and satisfies their instinctual drive.

How can I encourage my Maine Coon cat’s hunting instincts?

You can encourage your Maine Coon cat’s hunting instincts by providing interactive toys that simulate prey, engaging in play sessions, and creating a stimulating environment that allows them to explore and hunt.

Are Maine Coon cats good hunters indoors?

Maine Coon cats can adapt to being indoor hunters by engaging in interactive play, providing puzzle toys, and creating vertical spaces for them to climb and explore. However, it’s important to ensure their exercise and mental stimulation needs are met in an indoor environment.