Are Sphynx Cats From Egypt? (Cat Originality)

Do Sphynx cats look like Egyptians? Are Sphynx cats from Egypt? Do Sphynx cats live in the jungle? 

These are all questions that I have been asked. In order to answer these questions, we must first understand what a Sphinx cat is and where they come from.

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Sphynx cats are not originally from Egypt.
Their origins trace back to a natural genetic mutation in North America.
Despite their hairless appearance, they are not directly linked to ancient Egyptian cats.
Sphynx cats have a unique and distinctive origin story.
Their hairlessness is a result of a specific genetic trait rather than an Egyptian connection.

Are Sphynx Cats From Egypt?

Sphynx cats are not from Egypt. They’re actually from Canada. The Sphynx is one of the oldest breeds of cat on Earth, with origins dating back to 1960s Toronto, Canada in 1966.

The Sphynx has also been called an “Egyptian Mau” by some breeders and pet owners (though this name is a bit misleading, as it was originally given to a different breed) but you can rest assured that your Sphynx isn’t a descendant of ancient Egyptian cats!

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Are Sphynx Cats From Japan?

No, they are not. The Sphynx originates from Canada and is now found in the United States and Europe as well. They are not related to any other breeds of cat except for the Devon Rex, which has similar furless patches on its skin.

Do Sphynx Cats Live In The Jungle?

In this article, I will compare Sphynx cats to other types of cats. I’m going to start by comparing Sphynx cats with Egyptians. 

Then, I will contrast them with Maine Coons and Ragdolls, because some people think that Sphynx cats are related to these breeds. Finally, we’ll look at whether or not the Sphynx is an actual breed of cat.

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Do Sphynx Cats Live In Caves?

No, Sphynx cats do not live in caves. They are indoor cats and cannot live outside because they need protection from predators. 

If a Sphynx cat was to go outside, it would be vulnerable to being attacked by other animals such as dogs or birds of prey. 

Sphynx cats are domesticated animals that do not have any natural instincts for survival like wild animals do so even if they did somehow escape from their homes, they would be unable to survive without human help for long periods of time before starving or being killed by predators like foxes or coyotes.

Sphynx cats are not feral either because they are domestic creatures that have had human contact since birth which means that these felines cannot survive on their own without needing someone else’s help so unless you plan on releasing your Sphinx into the wild (which is never recommended)

Then no matter how much time passes between visits from humans your pet will always return home when hungry or frightened enough!

Natural HabitatNot specific to caves
Preferred EnvironmentWarm, comfortable, indoor environments
Heat SensitivitySphynx cats are more sensitive to cold temperatures
Thermal RegulationRely on external heat sources for warmth
Nesting BehaviorSeek out cozy spots in the home for comfort

Do Sphynx Cats Live In The Desert?

You may have heard that Sphynx cats live in the desert. While this might sound like a great thing, it’s actually not true at all! 

Sphynx cats do not live in deserts or jungles, or even caves. They are indoor pets and they prefer to spend most of their time sleeping on your lap or in bed with you.

So how did this myth get started? Well, the first Sphynx cats were bred in Canada by a woman named Heather Barnett (not Egypt). 

From there, some people mistakenly thought she was trying to make an Egyptian cat when she was only interested in making a hairless cat breed!

Are Sphynx Cats Related To The Maine Coon Cat Or Ragdoll Cat?

It is a common misconception that Sphynx cats are related to Maine Coon cats and Ragdoll cats. While both of these breeds originated in North America, the Sphynx cat is from Egypt and therefore unrelated to them. 

The Egyptian Mau also originates from Africa as well, but it is not as well known as an American breed like the Siamese or Persian cat.

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Are Sphinx Cats Hypoallergenic?

Just like any other cat, Sphynx cats produce allergenic proteins (Fel d1 and Fel d4). According to research conducted at the University of Montreal, “the amount of Fel d1 secreted by the Sphynx cat is similar to that secreted by the domestic shorthaired cat.” 

In other words, if you’re allergic to one kind of cat, your chances are about the same with a Sphynx as any other kind.

That said, one study did find that people who tested positive for allergy against certain breeds were less likely to experience symptoms when exposed to Sphynx cats than when exposed to others from those breeds. 

This may be because Sphynx cats produce less fur than their counterparts and spend more time licking themselves clean two factors that reduce allergens from accumulating on their skin and hair respectively. 

However this does not mean that Sphinxes are hypoallergenic!

What Is The Origin Of The Sphynx Cat?

The origin of the Sphynx cat is not without controversy. Some believe the Sphynx originates from Egypt, while others believe that it was bred in Canada in 1966. 

It’s not clear exactly where or how these cats were first bred, but it is known that there are no records of any Egyptian cat looking like a Sphynx and existing even today.

Some people also think that other breeds of domestic cats look like Sphynxes (like Maine Coon and Ragdoll), but this is not true either; all three types of cats are completely different species and have their own unique genetic codes.

RegionNorth America
BreederMunnik Cats (first recorded breeding)
MutationNatural genetic mutation
Year of Origin1960s
Official RecognitionThe International Cat Association (TICA)

Where Are Sphynx Cats From?

Sphynx cats are from Canada. The Sphynx cat is actually a breed of domestic cat and not an Egyptian Cat. 

They originated in Canada, but are now found all over the world thanks to the efforts of many dedicated breeders who love their animals so much that they make sure to keep them safe and healthy by ensuring they have good homes where they can live their lives free from harm or exploitation.

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Are Sphynx Cats A Breed Of Cat?

The Sphynx is a breed of cat, but not a breed of domestic cat. It’s a breed that has been selected for its unique appearance and personality traits. 

The Sphynx is also not an Egyptian cat, nor does it live in the jungle or in caves. So what exactly makes this breed so special?

Is The Sphynx Cat A Breed Of Domestic Cat?

The Sphynx is a breed of domestic cat, but it’s not a breed of domestic cat. The Sphynx is a specific type of domestic cat that has been selectively bred for certain physical characteristics and for the absence of some other physical characteristics. 

A breed is defined as “A group with common ancestry that can be distinguished from other animals by certain visible characteristics.” 

The Sphynx was developed in 1960s when Canadian geneticist Dr. Roy Robinson crossed an American Shorthair and an Angora to create the first hairless cat that would become known as the “Sphinx” or “Canadian Hairless.”

SpeciesFelis catus
Breed GroupDomestic cat breed
OriginNorth America
Coat TypeHairless
TemperamentFriendly, affectionate, social
CharacteristicsWrinkled skin, prominent cheekbones, muscular build
Average Lifespan12-15 years

What Is The Difference Between An Egyptian And A Domestic Cat?

Egyptian cats are not Sphynx cats, they simply look as if they have no fur because they actually have less fur than most domestic short-hair cats. 

The Sphynx cat has been bred to be hairless and was originally thought of as a hypoallergenic pet option for people who are allergic to cat hair. 

But in fact, many cat breeds with short coats may also be considered hypoallergenic because they produce fewer allergens than long-haired cats do.

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Do Sphynx Cats Look Like Egyptians?

No, they do not. Sphynx cats are a breed of domestic cat and unrelated to Egyptian cats. The Sphynx is a medium-sized cat with no fur or very little hair, whereas the Egyptian is a large breed that tends toward obesity due to its thick coat.

Are Sphinx Cats Hypoallergenic?

Sphynx cats are not hypoallergenic as they still produce dander just as other breeds do, although their lack of fur makes them less likely than other breeds to trigger allergies from pet dander alone.


The Sphynx Cat is not a breed of domestic cat, but it is one of the most unique and interesting cats in the world. 

This article has answered some questions about this furry feline that you may have had for years! If you know someone who might be interested in getting one of these cats then please share this blog post with them.

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What is the origin of Sphynx cats?

Sphynx cats are not originally from Egypt. While they may give the impression of being linked to ancient Egyptian cats due to their hairless appearance, their origins trace back to a natural genetic mutation that occurred in North America.

Are Sphynx cats completely hairless?

Sphynx cats are not entirely hairless. They have a thin layer of fine hair or fuzz that covers their body, often described as a “peach-like” texture. However, they lack the typical fur coat found in other cat breeds.

How do you care for a Sphynx cat’s skin?

Due to their lack of fur, Sphynx cats require special skin care. Regular bathing is necessary to remove excess oils and keep their skin clean. Moisturizing and protecting their skin from sunburn is also important.

Are Sphynx cats hypoallergenic?

While Sphynx cats are often considered hypoallergenic, as they produce less allergenic dander, it is important to note that people can still be allergic to them. Allergies vary from person to person, so it’s advisable to spend time with a Sphynx cat before making a decision if you have allergies.

What is the temperament of Sphynx cats?

Sphynx cats are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They are typically social, outgoing, and enjoy being the center of attention. They often seek human companionship and are known for their playful and mischievous personalities.