How Do I Find A Lost Persian Cat? (Great Tips)

I’ve had cats all my life, but I’ve never lost one. So when I heard about the Persian cat that went missing in the neighborhood, I knew that it was serious business. 

As someone who is deeply allergic to cats, this might sound odd but as a pet owner myself, I know how much you love your furry friends and how devastating it can be if they go missing. 

Because of this, I decided to help out by sharing some tips on how to find a lost cat!

How To Find A Lost Cat: What To Do If Your Cat Goes Missing
Time is crucial when searching for a lost Persian cat.
Understanding the average lifespan of Persian cats can emphasize the urgency.
Behavioral issues like urinating outside the litter box may arise during a cat’s disappearance.
Knowing what fruits Persian cats can eat can help attract them back home.
Differentiating between Bengal mixed cats and other breeds may aid in finding the lost cat.
Consider owning a Bengal cat after the loss of a Persian cat, but ensure proper care.

Look For Your Cat In Nearby Bushes

The next step is to look for your cat in nearby bushes. It’s possible that he or she may have hidden there, and you can catch a glimpse of them if you look closely. If you see signs of your cat in the bushes, follow them! 

If not, try looking for a trail that led away from where the two of you were playing earlier on and follow it like one would do with an actual lost dog.

When searching for a lost Persian cat, time is of the essence. Understanding the average lifespan of Persian cats is crucial in realizing the urgency of the situation. Explore our article on the lifespan of Persian cats to gain valuable insights that can help you in your search.

Place Food Out For Your Cat

Now that you’ve made sure your cat has a collar and tag, and is wearing it when out in the yard, you can use food to encourage your cat to return home.

Place the food out in a quiet place. You don’t want your lost pet to be too anxious or stressed out when they get home! Make sure they’re not being chased by other animals while they eat.

Put the food down in the morning and evening so that it’s accessible at all hours of day.

Make sure that the food is not too hot or cold for them (if it’s too hot outside). This will help prevent any unnecessary mishaps! 

Also make sure that if any rain falls on the food dish, then move it inside so as not to cause harm upon consumption by giving off moldy smells that may cause illness later on down the line (think about those allergies!).

Feeding MethodDescription
Dry FoodKibble-based cat food that provides essential nutrients.
Wet FoodMoist cat food typically packaged in cans or pouches.
Raw FoodUncooked, minimally processed diet consisting of raw meat, bones, and organs.
Freeze-Dried FoodRaw food that has been freeze-dried to remove moisture while retaining nutrients.
Prescription DietSpecialized cat food formulated to address specific health conditions or dietary needs.
Grain-Free FoodCat food formulated without grains, often using alternative carbohydrate sources.
Limited Ingredient FoodCat food made with a minimal number of ingredients, suitable for cats with food sensitivities.
Homemade FoodCat food prepared at home using a combination of fresh ingredients and recipes.
Automatic FeedersDevices that dispense pre-measured portions of cat food at scheduled times.
Puzzle FeedersInteractive feeding devices that require cats to solve puzzles or manipulate objects to access food.

Check Your Shed And Garage

You should also check your garage and shed. If you know the cat was in there, chances are they’re still hanging out there. 

Look around for signs that they were there recently, like footprints in the dirt or cat droppings (you may want to wear gloves when checking for these). You can also look for cat hair on clothing items that were left outdoors.

Check if any food bowls are missing, too! A Persian cat is not likely to eat a bowl of dog food but might be tempted by a plate of tuna fish.

Dealing with a lost Persian cat can be stressful, especially if they start urinating outside their litter box. Learn more about the reasons behind this behavior by reading our comprehensive guide on why Persian cats pee everywhere, and discover effective strategies to address this issue.

Put Up Flyers

You can post flyers in your neighborhood, and ask people to call you if they see your cat. You should include a picture of the Persian so people know what they’re looking for. Make sure to include your phone number on the flyer so that anyone who finds your cat can contact you right away!

You’ll also want to put up signs at local businesses, like grocery stores and pet stores where people might be likely to see lost pets wandering around.

Talk To Workers In The Area

One of the best ways to find a lost cat is to talk to the people in your neighborhood. This may include people who work in the area, like store clerks and mail carriers, as well as people who live in the area. 

In addition to asking if they’ve seen or heard anything about your cat’s whereabouts, ask them if they have seen any other missing cats in their vicinity.

Worker RoleDescription
Construction WorkersIndividuals involved in building, renovating, or repairing structures.
Utility WorkersProfessionals responsible for maintaining and repairing public utilities such as electricity, water, and gas.
LandscapersWorkers specializing in outdoor maintenance and beautification of gardens, parks, and landscapes.
Delivery DriversIndividuals transporting goods and packages to various locations.
Security GuardsPersonnel assigned to protect property, people, and enforce security measures.
Sanitation WorkersEmployees responsible for garbage collection and maintaining cleanliness in public areas.
Maintenance StaffWorkers tasked with general upkeep and repairs within a specific establishment.
Road Crew WorkersIndividuals involved in road construction, repair, or maintenance.
Parking AttendantsStaff responsible for managing parking spaces and assisting drivers in parking areas.
Event StaffWorkers employed to support and manage events, including setup, assistance, and crowd management.

Put An Ad In The Paper

The next step is to put an ad in the paper, which is a great way to get your lost cat’s face out there and into the hands of as many people as possible. Make sure you include a picture of your cat so that people can look at it and know what they’re looking for. 

Also make sure you give a description of your cat, including its physical characteristics (color, eyesight) and personality (smarts). 

You should also include your contact information so that anyone who finds or knows something about your missing Persian kitty can reach out. Finally, be sure to offer some sort of reward for the return of your pet!

When trying to entice a lost Persian cat to return home, using the right food can make a difference. Our informative article on what fruits Persian cats can eat provides a vet’s perspective on safe fruit options, helping you choose suitable treats that may attract your furry friend back.

Ask If You Can Check Someone’s Property

If you think your cat might be in someone’s yard, ask the owner if you can search. Most people will say yes, but some may refuse to let you look around. 

If this happens, don’t press the issue. You’ll just have to take a step back and consider other options for your search.

If you are granted permission to search through their property, be as thorough as possible so that it doesn’t take too long (and make sure to thank them before leaving). 

It’s also best not to trespass on private property without express permission from the owner; however, sometimes when pets get lost they will go into a neighbor’s backyard or onto their porch because they’re trying desperately to find shelter or food nearby (or maybe even just an open door).

Set Up A Humane Trap

Use a humane trap to catch your cat. Because you know where your cat is going, you can set up the trap in an area where it will most likely be caught. 

A humane trap is also more effective than other methods of catching a cat because it’s impossible for them to escape once they’re inside one (unless they happen to wiggle out through the door). 

Place some food inside the trap so that when your kitty comes along, he’ll think he’s found his favorite snack!

Once you’ve placed the trap in an area with plenty of room around it, be sure that no one else can see it. You don’t want anyone else trying to help out by opening or releasing your Persian from its confinement!

In the process of searching for a lost Persian cat, it’s essential to differentiate between different cat breeds. If you suspect a cat is a Bengal mix, our guide on how to tell if a cat is Bengal mixed offers valuable insights and characteristics to help you determine the breed accurately.

Post On Social Media

First, it’s important to post on social media. You can use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram any platform you have friends and family members on. 

Include a photo of your cat so that people can recognize him if they see him. Also include the word “missing” in the title of your post so that it shows up in search results.

Finally, make sure to ask everyone you know to share your post! This is one of the best ways for other people who live in or near your area to learn about what happened to your cat and find out more information about them (like whether there was any distinguishing coloration on their fur).

FacebookPopular social media platform for sharing updates and engaging with friends and family.
InstagramVisual-focused platform for sharing photos and videos with followers.
TwitterMicroblogging platform for posting short messages and engaging in real-time conversations.
LinkedInProfessional networking platform for sharing career-related updates and connecting with colleagues.
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YouTubeVideo-sharing platform for uploading and sharing various types of videos.
SnapchatMultimedia messaging app for sharing photos and videos that disappear after a short period.
RedditCommunity-based platform for sharing and discussing a wide range of topics.
TumblrBlogging platform for posting multimedia content and engaging with a community of users.

Ask Neighbors To Check Their Garages And Sheds

Ask the neighbors if they have seen your cat and ask if you can check their garages and sheds.

If you ask your neighbors nicely, most will be happy to help. If you can’t find a neighbor who is willing, try asking another person in the neighborhood that might be home during the day or at night (like a grandparent).

After experiencing the loss of a Persian cat, some individuals may consider owning a Bengal cat. If you’re interested in exploring the world of Bengal cats, our article on how to own a Bengal cat shares personal experiences and valuable tips to guide you in providing the best care for your new feline companion.


If you think your cat may be lost, check the above methods. There is no one way to find a lost cat, but these are some good places to start. If all else fails, there are many resources online that can help you find a missing feline friend!

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Now, here’s the FAQs section with five questions and answers:


How long do Persian cats live on average?

Persian cats have an average lifespan of 12 to 16 years. With proper care, they can live even longer, reaching their late teens or early twenties.

Why do Persian cats sometimes urinate outside their litter box?

There are several reasons why Persian cats may exhibit this behavior, including stress, medical issues, or a dirty litter box. It’s important to address the underlying cause and consult with a veterinarian if necessary.

Can Persian cats eat fruits and vegetables?

While fruits and vegetables can be a healthy addition to a Persian cat’s diet, it’s crucial to introduce them gradually and ensure they are safe for feline consumption. Always consult with a veterinarian before feeding any new food items to your Persian cat.

How can I tell if a cat is a Bengal mix?

Bengal cats have distinctive traits such as a spotted or marbled coat, sleek body, and energetic personality. If a cat exhibits these characteristics, it may be a Bengal mix. However, a professional assessment by a veterinarian or breeder is the most accurate way to determine a cat’s breed.

What are some common tips for owning a Bengal cat?

Owning a Bengal cat requires providing mental and physical stimulation, regular exercise, and environmental enrichment. They thrive in an active household and benefit from interactive play sessions, puzzle toys, and opportunities to climb and explore.