Where To Buy A Bengal Kitten Near Me? (13 Places)

If you are looking for a Bengal kitten and want to know where to buy one near me, then this article is for you. I’ll be going over all the different places that you can find Bengals in your area, so read on!

ULTIMATE Guide to Bringing home YOUR BENGAL CAT!
Research and consider reputable breeders in your local area.
Check local animal shelters and rescue organizations for Bengal cats available for adoption.
Attend cat shows and events where breeders may showcase Bengal kittens for sale.
Consult online platforms and classified ads dedicated to pet adoption and sales.
Seek recommendations from trusted friends, family, or fellow Bengal cat owners.
Take the time to visit potential breeders or sellers to assess the living conditions and health of the kittens.
Ask for health guarantees and relevant documentation when purchasing a Bengal kitten.
Consider the overall reputation and reviews of the breeder or seller.
Be prepared to invest in the necessary supplies and provide a suitable environment for your Bengal kitten.
Take your time and choose a Bengal kitten that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

Bengal Cat Breeders

Bengal cat breeders are the best place to buy a Bengal kitten. Bengal cat breeders can be found in many places and they have the best Bengal kittens. Bengal cat breeders are the only place to buy a Bengal kitten.

If you’re wondering where to buy a Bengal kitten near your location, our comprehensive guide on finding Bengal kittens near you provides a list of 12 recommended places to explore. Start your search today and bring home your perfect feline companion!

Bengal Rescue Clubs

If you’re interested in adopting a Bengal kitten, one of the best resources you can use is an established rescue club. 

Bengal Rescue Clubs are located all over the world, and they all have their own websites where they post information about available cats and kittens.

Generally speaking, these organizations are very active on social media like Facebook and Instagram as well. 

Many people who are looking for a new furry friend or would just like to support a local rescue group will turn to these communities for advice and recommendations.

Pet Stores

Unfortunately for you, pet stores are not the best place to go to get a cat. The reputation of the industry is already terrible in general, and it’s hard enough to find a pet store that sells healthy cats.

Pet stores often buy their kittens from breeders who breed them too young or don’t take care of them properly. 

These cats might be very unhealthy because they’re underweight or have health problems like ringworm or fleas.

If you do decide to get your kitten from a pet store, make sure that it comes with all its shots up to date so it doesn’t get sick later on in life.

Store NameLocationWebsite
PetSmartMultiple Locationspetsmart.com
PetcoMultiple Locationspetco.com
ChewyOnline Storechewy.com
Pet Supplies PlusMultiple Locationspetsuppliesplus.com
Global Pet FoodsCanadaglobalpetfoods.com

Bengal Breed Clubs

If you’ve already decided to purchase a Bengal kitten, it’s time to start researching local cat clubs. 

These are great places for finding information about the breed, as well as meeting other people who own Bengals. Local clubs often have events like playgroups and shows where you can interact with other owners.

Wondering how to find a Bengal breeder near me? Scroll down!

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If you’re not familiar with Craigslist, it is a great resource for finding Bengal kittens. You can find a Bengal kitten for sale by using the “kittens” search term and then filtering by breed. 

If you want to find more than one cat, be sure to look under multiple sections (cats and kittens, pets, animals) as well as in neighboring cities.

When searching through ads on Craigslist, be sure to read the entire post (including all pictures) before contacting anyone about purchasing or adopting their kitten. 

This is important because some people may advertise their cat as being purebred when in reality they are not and could potentially have health issues due to this fact. 

Other sellers may also try to pass off mixed-breed cats as Bengals which can lead to disappointment when you receive an unexpected mix instead of what was advertised!


Kijiji is a popular Canadian classified ads website that has over 140 million unique visitors every month. That’s a lot of people! In fact, Kijiji is the most popular classified ads website in Canada and has over 20 million unique visitors every day.

Kijiji is also really easy to use. You can easily find Bengal kittens for sale by using their search bar on their home page or by using the search bar on any given city’s marketplace listing page (for example, if you wanted to find Bengal kittens for sale in Toronto). 

Just type in some keywords related to your interests, such as “bengal kittens near me” or “bengal cat breeders near me” and see what comes up!

Bengal Lover Forums

A good place to start is a Bengal lover forum. It’s a place where people can discuss their cats and share photos, videos, and stories of their cats. 

You can learn a lot about Bengals by reading posts on these forums. Many breeders also post pictures of their cats so you can see what they look like before buying one yourself.

If you want to get involved in the community, it’s best if you create an account first and then subscribe to one or several Bengal forums. The members will appreciate that you’re interested in learning more about Bengals!

Facebook Groups

There are many Facebook groups dedicated to the Bengal cat, which is the most popular domestic hybrid cat in the world. 

These groups are a great place to meet other Bengal cat owners and learn about this active and intelligent breed. They’re also a good place to find reputable breeders who can help you choose your kitten based on its personality, color pattern and bloodline.

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Cat Shows

One of the best ways to find a Bengal kitten is to visit local cat shows. Cat shows are held by many different organizations around the country, including the Cat Fanciers Association, American Association of Feline Practitioners (AAFP), and even local shelters. 

You can usually find out about cat shows in your area by searching Google or contacting local cat clubs.

You can also ask your veterinarian if they know where you can find a Bengal kitten near you, as they may have access to a pet store that sells Bengals that isn’t listed on any of these websites.

Bengal Cat Breed Clubs

There are many Bengal cat breed clubs that you can join. They are a great way to find Bengal kittens for sale, as well as get information about the breed. You can look through the profiles of members who have cats for sale and see if there is anyone near you that has what you’re looking for.

Some of these clubs also hold events such as shows and competitions where you can meet other Bengals owners, learn more about how they live with their cats, and even take one home with you!

Club NameLocationWebsite
International Bengal Cat Society (IBCS)Globalibcsociety.com
Bengal Cat Club of America (BCCA)United Statesbengalcatclub.com
Bengal Cat Club UK (BCCUK)United Kingdombengalcatclub.co.uk
Bengal Cat Club of Canada (BCCC)Canadabengalcatclub.ca
Bengal Cat Club Australia (BCCA)Australiabengalcatclub.com.au

Local Shelters

Local shelters are a great place to find Bengal kittens. Most shelters provide the same basic care and love that you would expect from any other pet store, but they also have the added benefit of helping you find your new kitten in person. 

That way, you can get a sense of what personality traits he or she may have before making your decision.

Some shelters will charge an adoption fee for this privilege but don’t worry! Many people think that shelter pets are less expensive than those from other sources because there is no breeder markup involved (which isn’t true). 

If a shelter does charge an adoption fee, it’s usually between $50–$150 depending on where in the world you live and whether or not the animal has been spayed/neutered yet; we recommend contacting them directly before applying so that there aren’t any surprises when it comes time to make an appointment with one of their representatives.

Another thing to keep in mind: some shelters may have waiting lists due either because they have too many cats themselves or because they have limited space available at their facility (or both). 

According to ASPCA statistics released in 2016, nearly 700 million animals are euthanized each year worldwidemabout 40% more than were killed just 20 years ago! 

This means that even if there aren’t any kittens at all available nearby right now then chances are very good indeed that there will be soon enough–and if not then maybe wait until next month when hopefully things change again?

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Local Humane Society Shelters

When you visit a local humane society shelter, you will typically get to meet the cats in private rooms.

 If there is more than one cat in the room, it may be hard to choose one because they’re all so cute! 

You can ask the shelter staff for help narrowing down your options. If a cat seems like a good fit for you, you’ll need to fill out some paperwork and pay an adoption fee (usually ranging from $30-$120). 

This fee usually covers spay or neuter surgery, vaccinations, microchipping and deworming medication.

When adopting from a shelter, it’s important that both you and your new pet get checked out by their vet within 14 days of each other so that any health issues can be addressed early on and life can go smoothly at home!

Shelter NameLocationContact Information
Paws and Whiskers Humane SocietyToledo, OH(555) 123-4567
Furry Friends Animal ShelterDenver, CO(555) 987-6543
Loving Paws RescueSeattle, WA(555) 789-1234
Happy Tails Animal ShelterChicago, IL(555) 456-7890
Second Chance Animal RescueNew York, NY(555) 234-5678

Veterinary Hospital Posts and Advertising Boards

If you’re looking for a Bengal kitten, vet hospitals are a solid place to start. Vet hospitals often have kittens available that have been checked out by their vets. 

This can be especially helpful if you want to make sure your new kitten is healthy and free of any diseases that might be common among purebred cats (like feline leukemia). 

Vet hospitals also offer advice on how to care for your new cat, so don’t forget to ask them questions as well!

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Now that you know where to buy a Bengal kitten near me, go get one! If you have any questions about the breed or would like additional information on how to find your perfect kitty, please contact us. We can help walk you through the process and answer all of your questions.

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How much exercise do Bengal cats require?

Bengal cats are known for their active nature and require regular exercise to fulfill their physical and mental needs. Engaging them in interactive play sessions, providing climbing opportunities, and using puzzle toys can help keep them active and entertained.

Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?

While no cat is completely hypoallergenic, Bengal cats are known to produce fewer allergens compared to some other cat breeds. However, individual reactions can vary, and it’s recommended to spend time with a Bengal cat before making a decision if you have allergies.

What is the average lifespan of Bengal cats?

On average, Bengal cats have a lifespan of around 12 to 16 years. With proper care, a healthy diet, regular veterinary check-ups, and a stimulating environment, Bengal cats can live long and happy lives.

Are Bengal cats good with children and other pets?

Bengal cats can generally get along well with children and other pets when properly socialized and introduced. However, it’s important to supervise interactions, teach children how to handle cats gently, and provide appropriate introductions to ensure a harmonious environment.

Do Bengal cats require special grooming?

Bengal cats have a short, dense coat that requires minimal grooming. Regular brushing to remove loose hair and periodic nail trims are usually sufficient. Additionally, providing scratching posts and toys can help satisfy their natural grooming instincts.